Media Relations Services that take your Brand to the next level We know what media needs and when they require it. We get inside your compagny to dig up the angles and mine the content that leads to the coverage that supports your objectives.

We coopoerate with national and local media across platforms (print, broadcast and online) to build a relationship between media and your company, promote your brand, and connect with your consumers.

Our public affairs activities focus on first identifying social value, and then developing evidence to support the proposal of that value with an emphasis on interconnectivity with the public sphere. Then, through engagement with influencers, public opinion and policy are formed. These three steps are essential to formulating innovative public policy.

The communication of influence designates a set of processes which aim to instigate, influence, legitimize or prevent public decisions with the aim of promoting or defending the commercial or ideological interests of an organization, using as main lever of action l influence of public opinion.

- Influence communication differs from lobbying in two ways:
- While the target of lobbying is always the political decision maker, the communication of influence can be exercised on behalf of political decision makers in order to create in the public opinion a climate favorable to certain decisions
- When it aims to influence political decision-makers, the communication of influence adopts, unlike lobbying, an indirect approach which consists in acting on public opinion, considering that it weighs heavily on political choices.